The 44th issue
Habitat’s Response to the Ukraine Refugee Crisis, Shelter Repair, Project HomeWorks, Continued Support for Housing Construction in Indonesia, Interview with a Teacher who Inspired Students, etc

The 43rd issue
Project HomeWorks, Shelter Repair, Charity Run ‘Home Run 2021’, Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis in India, Indonesia and Cambodia, Habitat Young Leaders Build 2021, Voice from Youth Volunteer

July 2021
Global Village Program, Youth training sessions and workshops,  Helped upgrade an orphanage, Expand housing support to single parent households, Charity gala, Housing support for Kerala flood victims, etc

Habitat Young Leaders Build 2019, Building community centers in Indonesia, Habitat’s Initiatives: Safe Water and Toilets for All, 15th anniversary of Habitat for Humanity Japan, Volunteer Story, etc

The 40th issue (Japanese Only)
October 2018
Building homes in Cambodia, Toilet project in India and Myanmar, Youth Leadership Training, International cultural exchange with youth in Singapore, Volunteer Story, etc

Environmental Conservation and Community Support, SDGs that Come from the Home, Energy and our lives, Project HomeWorks, Introduction of new board chair of Habitat for Humanity Japan, etc

Community Support Project, Kumamoto Earthquake Response – 100 days on、Youth reports、Reparing children’s home、Introduction of Habi-Bito、etc

Kumamoto Disaster Relief, Habitat Young Leaders Build campaign report,One year on after the Nepal Earthquake, Overseas building program report, etc

Four years with Tohoku, Habitat Youth Build report, Call for Volunteers, etc

Four years with Tohoku, Habitat Youth Build report, Call for Volunteers, etc

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Creating Shared Value

Habitat Japan and Students – 10 years and going strong, Habitat Youth Build report, KIZUNA Project report, Tohoku disaster relief effort update, etc.

3 years since the disaster, KIZUNA project, Typhoon Haiyan Relief inthe Philippines, Family Sponsorship, Home Repairs and Self Build projects in Tohoku, and etc.

10 years of Habitat for Humanity Japan, Overseas building reports, Solor projects, Renovating at the first Child Respite in Japan, etc.

The Solar Home Recovery Project in Tohoku, Japan Hope Builders in Cambodia and Thailand, Two New Campus Capters, Welcoming the New National Director, etc.

Habitat Core Houses, Wells and Latrines in Sri Lanka, The Solar Home Recovery Project in Tohoku, House Repais for Flood Survivors inThailan and more.

First Japanese High School GV Team, Big Build in Sri Lanka、Home Partner Story from Tohoku、Campus Chapter Fund Raising Campaign, etc.

For Optimized Housing Support, Rebuilding Japan Project @ Tohoku, Overseas Project @ Sri Lanka,Team J-Habi of Sophia University Launched, Introduction of a Habi-Bito, House Supporters Recruitment, GV & Tohoku Volunteer Recruitment, etc.

epairing the damaged homes @ Tohoku, Event Report, Overseas Project @ Sri Lanka, Japan Hope Buliders @ Thailand, Introduction of a Habi-Bito, Intern Profile, GV & Tohoku Volunteer Recruitment, etc.

Overseas Project @ Sri Lanka, Community Revitalization @ Tohoku, Volunteers for Overseas, Introduction of a Habi-Bito, Intern Profile, GV Volunteer Recruitment, Calendar on Sale, etc.

Rebuilding Japan Project @ Tohoku, Nissan Projects @ Thailand & Indonesia, Overseas Project @ Sri Lanka, Introduction of a Habi-Bito, JCC Joint Event, Japan Hope Builders @ Thailand, etc.

Rebuilding Japan Project @ Tohoku, Overseas Project @ Sri Lanka, Introduction on a Habi-Bito, Tohoku Volunteer Program Report, Event reports from JCC Kanto&Kansai, Grants from ILBS, Habitat Jet, etc.

Report on apan Hope Builders Thailand, Reports on overseas projects @ Sri Lanka, Introduction of Habi-Bito, Completing a Japanese Traditional Long House at Fujino, Report on JCC event, Report on Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, etc.

Report on Special Blitz Build @ Nepal, Haiti Quake Relief, Introduction of Habi-Bito, Homeowner Story from Nissan Project in India, Credit Suisse @ Asian Rural Institute, Fundraising Event by JCC, etc.

One Year After Carter Work Project 09, The first trip to Bali by Ritsumeikan Univ. Team, Habi-Bito, Report on “Japan Hope Builders” @ Thai, Habitat Premium Night, Global Festa Japan 2010, CC/CClub Joint Workshop, etc.

Nissan Project in India, Event Report (Former Mayor of Yokohama / Hiroshi Nakada), Habi-Bito, Building Workshop at Fujino, Haiti Quake Relief, “Japan Hope Builders” @ Thai and Special Blitz Build @ Nepal, etc.

Haiti Quake Relief, Build-a-House Workshop, Habi-Bito, Introduction of Keio CClub, Report on “Japan Hope Builders” @Thailand, Graduate Event, Event Schedule(Former Mayor of Yokohama/Hiroshi Nakada), etc

The 16th issue
Carter Work Project with Hidetoshi Nakata, Philippines and Indonesia Disaster Relief Reports, Nepal GV trip, Meeting with Former Mayor of Yokohama/Hiroshi Nakada, Habi-Bito, National Chapters Workshop, etc

Corporate Support/House Supporter Project 09, Aoyama Gakuin University Team’s Trip to Indonesia, Global Festa 2009, Activity Report in Japan with Credit Suisse @ Asian Rural Institute, etc

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project 2009, GV report from Bangladesh, Youth report for Dow Chemical Financial Aid, Introduction of Waseda CClub, Report on “Japan Hope Builders” @Thai, etc

Report on “Japan Hope Builders” @Thai, Events hosted by University Students, Report on the meeting of TWP(Travelers with a Purpose) in June, Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project 2009,etc

Japan’s First Corporate Global Village Team; Prudential Real Estate Investors, Japan Partners Travel Agency for Habitat Build; Japan Hope Builders, 9 volunteers from Japan participated in Global Build India, Office Location Change Nortification, etc

Japan-Funded Bangladesh Project Completed in Three Months, Disaster Response:Earthquake in South China, in Noto, Join the Global Build in India, etc

March 2008
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!:GV Report from India, Volunteering with Habitat:Small Steps Add Up, Report on the 7th Habi-bito, Frostbite at Yokota Air Force Base, etc

Renovation/Cleaning operation carried out in Tokyo!, Special Edition:Post Communist East Europe, A Housing Deficit, Building Relationships One Degree North of the Equator, etc

Disaster Response:Report from Noto, Assessment report on Bangladesh flood, Japan Hope Builders Team in Udon Thani,Thailand, etc.

Report From the Initial Field Researc in the Solomon Islands. Japan Update. Event and Project. Volunteer Voice

Report on the New Voluntter Program in Florida. Japan Update. Event and Project. Volunteer Voice.

GV Plus with MGU, Pakistan Project Report, JCWP 2006 India, GV Report from Bangladesh, House Supporter Project.

JCWP 2006 India, Japan Hope Builders in Leyte, GV Report, Future Programs in Kyrgyzstan, Japan Update, etc.

Habitat in EXPO 2005 Aichi, First Tri for Charity, Report from BASECO, GV PLUS as service learning, Tsunami Fund, Volunteer Voice, New staff introduction, etc.

Greeting from the Chair of HFHJ, EXPO 2005 AICHI, Tsunami Appeal, News from HFHI, Domestic Programs, CCYP Activity Report, GV Team Report, News from HFHJ, etc.

Greeting from the Chair of HFHJ, Activity Report, News from HFHI & AP, CCYP Activity Report(part2), Organizational Chart, etc.