Facility Repair

Habitat Japan's facility repair aims to improve the environments surrounding those who use welfare facilities such as orphanages, shelters, and/or community centers.  These facilities face many difficulties, and it is often said that welfare facility staff have little to no time to maintain the facilities. In addition, some facilities have difficulties conducting repairs when the national or local government subsidiaries don’t cover the total cost of the needed repairs. Through this program, Habitat ensures that the vulnerable can have a safe and adequate place to live and receive services.

The Process

Develop the Repair Plan

Conduct the research needed to develop a repair and support plan.


Raise the Funds

Raise the funds needed for repairs from Habitat Japan’s partners such as corporate, organizations, and individuals.

Manage the Project

Acquire materials and mobilize volunteers for repairs. In the case of a major repair, we will also select the construction partner(s) and manage the project.

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The Case Studies

An Orphanage

Habitat repairs the aging facility to create a safe and decent place for children by filling in for a shortage of manpower and/or funds required for the maintenance of the facility.

A Shelter

Habitat responded to the financial need of a mother with children to help with the needed repairs that come with leaving the shelter, and will welcome a new family as soon as possible.

A Community Facility

To create a better community, it is indispensable to have a place where people in the community can gather. Habitat repairs such places, like a community center.

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The Supporters

Habitat Japan's facility repair is funded by donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Habitat Japan could not carry out its mission without your support to build homes, communities and hope through the facility repair. We thank you for getting involved with Habitat.

◆Thank you for your consideration to support Habitat Japan's facility repair. Please contact us from here.