Support Flood Survivors in Thailand!
Habitat Japan house repair project in Thailand was completed at the end of April, 2013. This project, funded by Japan Platform and conducted with Habitat for Humanity Thailand, aimed at 50 house repairs in Phitsanulok, Northern Thailand. Many of home partners are laborers on day-wages but they put sweat equity into house repair works with Habitat, taking out from their busy schedule to earn per day.
thailand620130430(1).jpgBunchuai is one of Habitat home partners of this project and he also joined repair work. His house was damaged by flood in 2011 and he needed to repair pillars and walls that left broken. He and his family installed new concrete pillars and walls and carried building materials and equipment. The outer walls were also painted in pink and clear blue by Bunchuai and his family. Bunchuai said, smiling at his family, "I am proud of my house we repaired. I feel like a brand-new myself, just like my house. This experience may help us when we need to repair house again in the future."
Some home partners who have worked at construction field made extension with extra materials and others recycled materials from the old houses to minor repairs. 
thailand620130430(2).JPGSaman is one of those skilled home partners and he made a wooden deck (Photo: Right) with old wooden materials so that his family can enjoy cool breeze outside. He also reinforced the walls of outer latrine with the extra material. He said, "My old house was made with old wooden pillars and metallic sheets, so no sunlight was entered into the house and it was far from comfortable place to live. When I first entered my house after the repair work, I found it more wide and open than the former house not only because all walls were newly installed but because I do not have to worry about the house repair and my family. Thanks for Habitat, we could return this home in safe and secure."
Habitat Japan takes over the project to Habitat Thailand hereafter but also continue to support Habitat Thailand to help home partners in the long term.
thailand620130430(3).JPG thailand620130430(9).JPG thailand620130430(6).JPG thailand620130430(10).JPG
(Photo: from left) Saman and his repaired house, a repair kitchen whose tiles were place by a home partner, walls painted by another home partner.
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