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【Thailand-2】 Selection of Home Partners Started

Support Flood Survivors in Thailand!

Habitat Japan has started the selection of home partners at 2 districts of Phitsanulok, North Central Thailand to support house repairs after the huge flood in 2011.thailand0220121231(1).jpg

One of 2 districts; Bang Rakam is located about 40 minutes away from the center Phitsanulok. Bang Rakam is also known for its frequent flooding of the large Nan River, and it just had severe flood damage in 2011 as well. Habitat Japan, collaborating with the local government and community leaders, visits the flood affected houses to assess damages, check family structure and family's financial situation. (Right: Habitat Japan staff visiting a floor affected house)
thailand0220121231(2).jpgSome houses were submerged up to 3 meters high and other got even higher. Phitsanulok traditionally has stilted houses but those houses were also affected by the flood so people had to stay at shelter tents for several months. They had to use small boats for the everyday transportation until the water was removed. The affected families were equally received housing compensation but the families who have the sick and small children used it for medical expense and food costs. Often, house repairs were postponed and there are still many families who have not even started house repairs yet. (Left: A stilted house damaged by flood)

Habitat Japan visited more than 40 houses by the end of December 2012 and has started home partner selection as considering various conditions.
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