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【Thailand-1】 A New House Repair Project for the Flood Survivors

Support Flood Survivors in Thailand!

jpflogo_20110516.jpgIn November, 2012, Habitat Japan launched a new house repair project for the survivors of the huge flood last year in Phitsanulok, North Central Thailand. With the financial support from Japan Platform, Habitat Japan operates the project with Habitat Thailand.  
thailand0120121101(1).jpgThe wide area of Southeast Asia was damaged by the biggest cataclysmic disaster ever, affecting more than 2 million people in Thailand alone. Particilarly in Phitsanulok, there were 2 overflowed large rivers; the Yom River and the Nan River. Over 20,000 houses and buildings got damaged. At some areas of Phitsanulok, water reached three meters high and at other areas, the water stayed there even after 6 months after the disaster.

However, the survivors still cannot receive enough support both domestically and internationally over a year, many families keep living in inadequate living conditions for a long time. Most families have housing problems; no walls, broken toilets, damaged house foundation and decayed timbers, but they cannot repair their houses due to the lack of technical and financial support. They are also living without safety and hygiene. Habitat Japan aims for more than 50 families from the socially vulnerable who are not able to repair their houses by themselves, and have family members such as the needy, the elderly, widows, infants, the sick, the challenged and many children.
thailand0120121101(2).jpg thailand0120121101(3).jpg thailand0120121101(4).jpg thailand0120121101(5).jpg
Photo(from the left):Toilet with no walls and floor, a house with inclined pillars, an flood affected family, broken stairs

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