Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Families are now facing the largest humanitarian crisis of a lifetime as the conflict in Ukraine has led to a surge of refugees fleeing to safety in neighboring countries. Habitat is well placed to assess the longer-term housing needs for families, helping move them along a path to permanent, durable shelter. Please support Habitat’s Pathways to Permanence approach to disaster and crisis response.


Donate by credit card


Donate your preferred amount to Habitat for Humanity Japan by credit card.

*Habitat Japan accepts American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, and VISA.


Input your preferred amount and  send your card information from the following.



Approve your donation.

※Please contact us if you do not receive an automated email about the monthly deduction.

Bank / Postal transfer


Donate your preferred amount to Habitat for Humanity Japan by transferring through Japan Post Service or Banks. Account details are as follows;


After the transaction, please notify us with your name, contact information and the transferred amount on your transaction.


Approva your bank transfer.

※Please contact us in case receipt is needed.

Bank Transfer

Name of Bank: MUFG Bank, LTD. (三菱UFJ銀行)
 Account Type: Ordinary Account
 Account Number: 0029513 (JPY account)
 Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Japan

Name of Bank: Postal Bank(ゆうちょ銀行)
 Branch Name: 019
 Account Type: Checking Account / Current Account
 Account Number: 0278431 (JPY account)
 Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Japan

※Separate accounts would be provided to receive each specified donations, such as ones for disaster response projects as they occur. Please note that there are possibilities that all unspecified donations received in the accounts listed above would be used as a general donation for Habitat for Humanity Japan.

About donation taxation system

The National Tax Agency introduced an income tax deduction method. The deductible amount is essentially the same regardless of income. The deductible ratio is 40% of the donation and in some case,  a maximum of 50% when including 10% residence tax. The method to calculate deductible amount from income tax is "(Donation – 2,000 yen) x 40%".

For example;
• JPY10,000 donation means JPY3,200 tax reduction!
  (Donation of JPY10,000 - JPY2,0000) x 40% = JPY3,200(tax reduction amount)

• a 100,000 yen donation means a 39,200 yen tax reduction!
(Donation of JPY100,000 - JPY2,0000) x 40% = JPY32,000(tax reduction amount)

For further details, please contact your local tax office.


Your financial support will help families create safe and secure places to grow, be healthy and thrive. With a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own.