Join Global Village program

 Habitat’s Global Village program gives international volunteers the opportunity to take part in the “hands on” construction or renovation of homes in more than 40 countries around the world.


What you will gain

☆Discover the world through working together with families in need

Join hands with families to build or improve their homes. Through this cooperative experience you will discover their way of life, understand the need for safe, affordable housing, and see your own life transformed. 

☆Building homes, building hope

Volunteers  build much more than houses. Their efforts set the foundation for success, including better health, education and employment opportunities.  

☆Good for personal growth

Many volunteers wanted to give but ended up receiving much more. They will overcome challenges and return to Japan with a sense of achievement in having done meaningful work. 

☆ Everyone grows together

By working together, side by side, international volunteers and members of a local community promote understanding and self-reliance. Strong, stable homes help build strong, stable communities. Volunteers also experience personal growth as they learn new skills and gain confidence.