British universal bank, Barclays  is partnering with Habitat for Humanity Japan to help people facing housing challenges in Tokyo.  The bank’s support – through its £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package – will enable Habitat Japan to assist nearly 250 people by the end of 2022.

Project HomeWorks, one of the programs supported by Barclays, addresses housing problems in Tokyo by providing move-in, cleaning, and decluttering assistance. Move-in support serves those forced to live in shelters due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and those unable to find housing due to old age or disability. Habitat Japan helps these vulnerable individuals find a place to call home. Cleaning and decluttering support serves those who cannot clean their home by themselves. With the help of volunteers, Habitat Japan improves their living conditions by making them safer and more sanitary.  Barclays’ funding is enabling us to distribute essential household items including new mattresses, first aid kits, and other necessary items. It is also supporting our orphanage repair program to renovate and refurbish an orphanage in Tokyo.

"At Barclays, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate in. Our support is dedicated to our reliable partners who are mobilized on the ground and are providing support to communities hardest hit by the crisis. By partnering with Habitat Japan, we hope to amplify their impact and help more children and vulnerable families in need in Japan," says Kosuke Morihara, Country CEO & COO for Japan, Barclays.

Habitat Japan is grateful to Barclays for their partnership, which will allow us to continue to help those in need of a decent home in Tokyo.