We first met Mr. Kimura in August through our hand-soap distribution initiative to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Soon after, Mr. Kimura contacted us after learning about Project HomeWorks through the flyer attached to the soap he received.

Mr. Kimura, a widower with grown-up children, currently lives alone in the apartment he has resided in for nearly 40 years. While he can still manage the disposal of daily waste, physical challenges that come with age have made it hard to organize items accumulated over the years. Just when he

thought he couldn't find a place to turn to, the flyer caught his attention and, he decided to give us a call.

At Habitat Japan, we ask for the involvement of social workers and welfare organizations so that our assistance in reorganizing individual living environments does not end as a one-time solution. That is why we first contacted Mr. Kimura's social worker who had not been able to visit him due to the coronavirus. Fortunately, the occasion turned out to be an opportunity for all of us to concurrently examine the situation. As Mr. Kimura had informed us, his home was not filled with waste but was more disorganized with items scattered throughout the house. Mr. Kimura had a clear idea of what he wanted to improve in his environment: space to clear his futon during the day and a clear path for daily activities by reorganizing his shoes. As we worked to provide Mr. Kimura with what he had hoped for, we also suggested it continue with the assistance of a public helping service. As with any project under the current situation with the pandemic, we gave extra attention to sanitizing and ventilation while working with Mr. Kimura's home.

With the help of our volunteers, we worked on Mr. Kimura's home in two sessions. Our first session cleared out the dust that had accumulated in places that is difficult to access daily. Our second focused on the kitchen, the balcony, and the overall tidiness of the house.

  • Before

  • After

A delighted Mr. Kimura recounts the experience saying, "Now I know that I too can ask for assistance." That notion gives him a sense of security in moving forward and maintaining the quality of life he deserves. It is our volunteers that make Project HomeWorks happen. To be a part of our projects, please click here.