TOKYO (October, 2017) – J.P. Morgan has supported Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place live for long time as a global partner.  J.P. Morgan and Habitat Japan joined hands for the first time to improve living conditions of the vulnerable in Tokyo.

The volunteer team joined Habitat Japan’s local program Project HomeWorks” for two weekends to improve living environment of a shelter for homeless persons.

 Tsukuroi House, a shelter run by our partner organization Tsukuroi Tokyo Fund, has seven units, one of which had rain leak from the ceiling. The water proofing construction work had been done by a professional through Habitat’s support, but the ceiling boards were damaged by the water drops and had molds.

On October 7th and 14th, J.P. Morgan volunteer team gathered to replace the ceiling boards and paint the new boards. With the very dedicated volunteers getting advice from a professional worker on the spot, the work progressed smoothly. The team not only finished the ceiling work but also cleaned one of the units and cleared the scribbles on the outside walls. 

The shelter is a temporary home for the homeless people to get rest physically and mentally and prepare themselves for next steps towards getting a permanent home. The place is very important for them to think about their new future and take time to get themselves ready to take the next step, which could take a lot of courage. However, with very limited manpower and support, the shelter can easily become an unsanitary and unsafe living place. Thanks to the strong team of J.P. Morgan volunteers, the shelter’s living environment greatly improved.

  • 7.10.2017

  • 14.10.2017

 Volunteers’ power is essential to Project HomeWorks. We will continue working with our strong corporate supporters and volunteers to improve the home environment for those in need, in order to realize our mission of “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”