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shelterkits_20110716(1).jpgIn Batticaloa of Manmunai West, HFH Japan has been distributing two sorts of shelter kits since April, to those victims whose houses were devastated or washed away by the flood. In July, we finished the distribution of all 235 kits we had prepared.
Ms Vidya, lives in Kannaginagar village, Pavakodichenai with her parents and brother, is one of the home owners who received the kit. Until the January flood, they managed to earn their living by selling crops and milk from their livestock, but after the flood, they had to evacuate their home and fled to the school nearby. Not only that they couldn't return home for 20 days, but also they lost 4 cows out of 6, and their field went wasted. After a while, they came back home and built a shelter but it wasn't durable enough for heavy rain and flood. It was just when they were quite at a loss for losing the livelihood that they received the shelter kit from Habitat. Ms. Vidya (left photo) says "I was so thankful!".
shelterkits_20110716(6)_2.jpgHabitat Japan has been giving supports to around 1,000 people by the flood relief project and will terminate our activities at the end-of July since the area is getting thorough the worst situation. From here on, Habitat Sri Lanka will take it over.
Habitat Japan will be working in Sri Lanka for a long time to come in order to realize our dream, "A world where everyone has a decent place to live."
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