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【Sri Lanka-5】Building Hope Myself: Sweat Equity in Sri Lanka

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construction_neelasenai_20110613(7).jpg Five houses are being built rapidly now in Neelasenai village, Manner district. Although the conditions at the work site isn't so good because of merciless sun blazes and the dust storm from the sea, the effort of staff, a home owner, carpenters and masons and others becomes a foundation of the work progress.
A meeting with the home owners who get support of Habitat was held at the beginning of June. Then, we explained once more about the design of the houses and the participation to Sweat Equity.  
Not all of homeowners can fully participate in building because some of them are too old, or some are physically injured from the civil war. However Habitat values the posture of their participation in building their own houses as much as possible as for the first step of reconstructing their lives.

construction_neelasenai_20110613(5).jpgThe home owners in the Neelasenai village have participated in work aggressively. They help each other with excavation work of the foundation of the houses. Mr. Mayil Vahanam, one of the homeowners says, "It is needless to say that we participate in working because it is our own houses. I would like to build a good house for my family." The installation of window frames, doors and roofs in these five houses will start as soon as the piling work of the wall block ends.
Moreover, we will increase the number of the carpenters and masons, and start the construction of the sixth house. Habitat Japan does a long-term support to achieve the goal that everybody can live in a decent house.
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