On October 16th, Credit Suisse and Habitat Japan had the second annual "Credit Suisse Team Build 2010" continuing from the last year's collaboration. Credit Suisse Tokyo and Habitat Japan came together once again this year, based on the partnership between Credit Suisse and Habitat for Humanity since 2007; called "Global Volunteering Partnership."
The team traveled back to the same construction site at Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Nasu of Tochigi prefecture. There, the participants build a poultry house and racks for firewood; in hopes to provide better learning grounds for ARI students who are here to become leaders in their home communities in Asian and African countries. The fence around the free-range poultry house that Credit Suisse built last year helped greatly in raising the chickens. Hence, ARI and its students requested to build another poultry house this year.

The work started from raising the stilts. But the rain from the previous day left the ground muddy and hard for the team to secure the foundation for the stilts. After trial and error including laying of the foundation with cement and leveling the uneven height of stilts, the team completed the frame of the poultry house.
The firewood racks are essential to organizing and housing of the fire woods for heating in upcoming winter. As it was the first time to use the power tools for many volunteers, there was a learning curb to it but everyone wanted to make a sturdy rack that lasts. In the end, the team seemed proud of the rack they completed with their own hands.

Besides working with hands, the team got to learn about the ARI's facilities and its philosophy on natural living. Thoughts and stories were exchanged over the lunch made with the organic vegitables and rice grown by the students.

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