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Habitat Japan with Credit Suisse! - Corporate Team Build #2

On September 12th, a one-day corporate team build was taken place in cooperation with a Swiss financial major Credit Suisse at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Nasu-Shiobara, Tochigi. ARI is where people from all over the world learn to be agricultural leaders. This is the 2nd corporate team build after that with Citi Group last year (Details).


Everything started from the Global Volunteering Partnership between Credit Suisse and Habitat International. Credit Suisse has started the Global Initiative, a group-wide effort that encourages employees to participate in voluntary works since 2007. The partnership between us has started this year as a part of this initiative and is carried in Japan as well.

Although unexpected long rain made the work hard, 15 participants dedicated their best to the build with wearing special Credit Suisse T-shirts. Most of the participants did not know each other before even though they work for the same building. However, they delivered hard work with smiles and laughter, which was pretty impressive.

Habitat for Humanity Japan would like to broaden and deepen such partnership with Credit Suisse, ARI and other enterprises.

Making a wooden and baboo bench used for conference. They used saws and other tools, but among others, fully exercised their wisdom! Everybody was much of a team player.

Installing roofs between the poultry houses. It was difficult to build on the slippery place in the rain, but the team worked carefully and almost installed all roofs!

If you're interested the build with Citi Group last year, click here.

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