February 2022

Habitat Japan Domestic Volunteer Guidelines

【Guideline Principle】

  • Habitat Japan proposes to adhere to government recommendations and to stop the operations when and if stricter COVID restrictions such as “state of emergency” are advised by the government. The volunteers who agree to join Habitat Japan domestic volunteer activities understand and agree to the following guidelines and the volunteer waiver and will sign the volunteer waiver.

【Protocols to Join Volunteer Activities】

  • Volunteers have not been in close in-person contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient in the past 10 days
  • Volunteers or anyone volunteers live with have not arrived in Japan from overseas in the past 10 days
  • Volunteers have none of the following symptoms: fever (37.5℃ or above on volunteer day) dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms
  • Volunteers must communicate with their family members and housemates to live with to ask for their understanding for him/her to join Habitat Japan volunteer activities.
  • Volunteers are advised to follow the corporate/school guidelines of each volunteer belongs to if those guidelines restrict for them to join any social activities including Habitat Japan volunteer

【Volunteer Criteria】

  • Volunteers must sign the domestic volunteer waiver to join Habitat Japan volunteer activities.
  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or above.
  • Anyone who is at increased risk of severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19 refrains from joining the volunteer activities. 

【At work site】

  • In order to keep the social distancing, the minimum no. of staff and volunteers work at the worksite
  • Volunteers must wear a mask at the worksite
  • Volunteers sanitize their hands if possible, with hand soap and/or with alcohol sanitizers before entering the worksite
  • Volunteers wear gloves(cloth, latex, plastic, etc) during the volunteer activities
  • Volunteers try to keep at least a 1-meter physical distance constantly including during any activities
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene in the worksite at all times by asking partners to open windows and doors
  • Volunteers try to leave the work site no longer than 3 hours. If they need to stay more than 3 hours to complete the activity, Habitat Japan needs to ask all the volunteers and home partners for another consent to extend the volunteer hours prior to the activities.