miyagi_volunteer_120926(1).jpg◆Location:Ishinomaki city, Higashimatsushima city and Izushima Island, etc, Miyagi prefecture
A: April 6th(Sat) - 7th(Sun)
B: April 13th(Sat) - 14th(Sun)
C: April 20th(Sat) - 21st(Sun)
※ All participants are required to join 2days work.
Cleaning and rehabilitating private houses, public community buildings, constructing cabinets, supporting communication events, posting, etc.
※Activities might be changed or canceled depending on the weather.
a. At Takagimachi Station at 19:43 on the previous day of the first work day.
(Please take Senseki line which leaves Sendai station at 19:11)
b. At Nobiru station at 7:53 on the first work day.
(Please take Senseki like which leaves Sendai station at 6:44. Transfer to the alternate bus at Matsushima-kaigan station at 7:30.)
※If you are late, your participation might be canceled.
At Takagimachi station at 18:00 on the last work day.
◆ Participation Fee:
All Dates: 3,000 yen per person
※ Habitat Japan will arrange volunteer health insurance, onsite transport, accommodation.
※ Please make payment upon your arrival.
◆ Accommodation:
School, Community center or Public lodge.
※Pay shower is available but not necesarry available when you wish to take it. And Some public lodges does not have shower room.)
◆ Volunteers needed:
※ Volunteers will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
※ Recruitment will be closed seven days before the program day or if and when the target is met.
◇Things to Bring◇
Work clothes:
- Long sleeved top, long sleeved trousers
- Waterproof clothing (top and bottom)
- Work boots suitable for construction work (sandals and other open toed shoes are not suitable)
- Thick cotton gloves
- Sleeping bag (must have)
- Spare clothes
- Towel (for bathing and/or mopping your brow during work)
- Water bottle (carry drinking water to the work site)
- Shampoo, soap etc
- Wet tissues and/or alcohol spray (it may not be possible to wash your hands at lunchtime)
- Health insurance card (these will not be checked, but please carry it anyway)
- Orientation handbook
- Any other essential personal items
◇Health and Welfare◇
Habitat Japan is not qualified to offer medical advice, or to provide advice on medication or vaccinations. With this in mind, please ensure that you consult your doctor well in advance regarding any concerns you may have regarding participation in this program. Please view the web site below for detailed information on how to manage your own health and well being while undertaking work in the affected areas. ・Protecting your health in the affected areas (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (in Japanese)
◇Cancellation Policy◇ 
Cancellation of your participation within the seven days before the program start date results in all of your payments.Please pay by bank transfer according to the invoice to be sent by Habitat Japan.
1. Submit the [Volunteer Application Form] via email to info@habitatjp.org.
※ We will respond to all enquiries as soon as they are received. If you do not receive a response within three working days of submission please resend your application.
2. Submit the original copy of your release and waiver of liability for adults and/or minors, along with a copy of your ID (passport, drivers licence or health insurance card; students should also include a copy of their student ID) on A4 paper. Please send these to the office by post.   
If you have any further questions about participation in our disaster relief activities, please feel free to contact the Habitat Japan office via email at info@habitatjp.org or, if you prefer, by telephone (03-6459-2070).