Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Yokohama city in Japan) has entered into a partnership with Habitat for Humanity India to provide shelter to 75 socially and economically less fortunate families in Mangadu and $73,925.07 has been donated. 75 Homes of Hope project was launched on 24th April 2010 at the project site. Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, CEO & Managing Director, Nissan Motor India laid the first brick and commenced the project in the presence of Mrs. S.P. Saruguna Pandian, chairperson, Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women, Mr. Dino L. Touthang CEO Habitat for Humanity, India and the local community and Government authorities. The project will be completed by March 2011.
A Housing Deficit in India
In India, there are 180 million houses. More than 60% of these houses are made from inferior materials such as mud; grass leaves reeds, bamboo and low quality materials. Most of the Indian population lives in houses that are sub-standard for living. In urban areas, people live in large numbers in slums, situated in water ?conduits, garages, train and bus platforms and pavements. For the poorest of the poor, the wide expanse of the blue Indian sky is their roof. As per the 2001 census, it is estimated that 1.95 million of people are homeless, while the rural housing shortage was 14.1 million in the rural area and 10.6 million in the urban region. It is estimated that 2.5 million houses are annually added to this list. Poverty housing has truly become a part and parcel of the Indian society.
In order to bridge the gap and to shelter more families in a safe environment, the Government of India through the State Governments had launched programs. There are special Housing programs for the disadvantaged groups such as Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Salt Pan workers. Despite all these efforts by the Governments the housing need is increasing every year due to population increase, delay in the implementation of the programs etc.

Partnership in needs
In the last twenty six years, Habitat for Humanity has con?structed over 33,000 houses for the less fortunate in Indian society. Through the experience, implementation in corporation with other organizations, such as the partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Nissan, now become more essential, and will instill hope and facilitate shelter solutions to the poor and help deprived families of Mangadu.
At the function organized Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama said, "Through our corporate activities all around the world, we also aim to contribute to the development of the societies where we do business. Toward these twin goals, we carry out management that combines our pursuit of sustainable profitability with our efforts to bring sustainable development to society. This project is set to improve the health and hygiene conditions of 375 individuals and we are happy to make the difference."The project is being implemented in partnership with Women Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS) ? a local NGO, who will facilitate the community mobilization aspect. The project will be completed by March 2011.