Japan's First Corporate Global Village Team, US-headquartered Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI), joined our Travelers with a Purpose on Dec 2, and made a great presentation about their building activity in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. It was great to see those business people joining Habitat's project, as over 80 to 90% of the Habitat Japan's participants are high school/university students.
PREI team explained some challenging for workers to join on GV trips, (such as, "difficult to take a week off from work", and "make your own team with approx 20 people"). However, PREI team made a lot of efforts to join this trip, and that is because they thought GV trip is fun, and they WANTED to build!
I realized that we can make it if we have a high motivation to join. And that must be the very first step, either for office workers or students!
(Office volunteer, Hiromi Sato)


≫Read more on PREI team activityhttp://www.habitatjp.org/jpblog/2008/11/post-121.html
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