Since December 2021, Barclays has been a major supporter of Habitat's domestic initiatives. Through Barclays COVID-19 Community Aid Package, Habitat Japan is able to continue to support those in need in Japan with a clean and safe place to live.

With their support, Habitat helped 195 households through Project HomeWorks, which provides home-cleaning and home-finding assistance, as well as the distribution of first aid, disaster kits and other daily necessities. In addition, Habitat completed repairs at the Meguro Wakabaryo orphanage in Tokyo, which houses 46 children.

Meguro Wakabaryo orphanage is one of our main projects. The core facility was built 50 years ago and required significant repairs, especially the replacement of the air-conditioning system which was prone to leakage or complete breakdowns. In addition, the living room of the boy's section required renovation due to damage to the floors and walls. Mr. Kobayashi, the deputy manager, states, "A disorganized housing environment disturbs the children’s mental health." Management sought ways to make repairs, but they faced financial challenges, including the inability to obtain government subsidies.

With Barclays' support, Habitat replaced 22 air-conditioning units and upgraded the living space in the boy's section. New flooring and wallpaper were installed in their living area, and an unnecessary door was removed, allowing more sunlight to shine in the room. In addition, Habitat donated new furniture that was selected through a collaboration of the children and facility staff; they discussed what kind of living room they wanted and chose the furniture together like a family would. "Now, kids often stay in the living space. They enjoy spending time together in a more relaxed atmosphere, and we see less arguing," says Mr. Kobayashi.

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Having a decent place to live is essential. It is the foundation from which to build strength, stability, and self-reliance. Habitat's goal is to ensure everyone has a decent place to live. We sincerely appreciate Barclays' significant contributions, which has enabled us to have served those in need.