Requirements for GV participation

Neither construction experience or skills is required. Please read the following carefully before applying to join a GV build.


Any person  who is 16(including 15 years in high school) years of age(*) or older and healthy in both mind and body is eligible to participate. There is no maximum age limit. Those under 20 years of age must either be chaperoned by a guardian or a leader who is responsible ( as stated by the person's guardian in writing) or participate as a member of a team from a school or a club. In the latter case there must be at least 1 adult to every 5 participants under 20 years of age. (*) Each hosting country may have its own minor policy and child labor policy. For details, please check 'Policies on Minor Participation and Child Labor' and also ask us when you apply.

Language skills 

Fluency in spoken and written English is required. All teams must appoint an adult with a TOEIC score of 600 or equivalent as the team leader and the person who communicates with the coordinators.

All participants must agree to the following :

  • Habitat for Humanity is not a travel agency. Volunteers and Habitat cooperate to create the Global Village experience as partners by fulfilling the respective roles and responsibilities.
  • The Global Village program has been developed based on the Habitat's vision of  a world where everybody has a decent place to live, operates according to the principles of Habitat. Participation in the program means that you respect and accept the vision and policy of Habitat.
  • The team's request(s) may not be always fulfilled because it is necessary to balance the team's request(s) with the needs and the situation of the hosting country.
  • All participants must agree and sign the 'Release and Waiver of Liability Form' to participate.
  • Habitat for Humanity Japan would not be able to support any procedures of traveling abroad including visa application. It is each team's responsibility to confirm with an embassy concerning visa requirement.(*) However, Habitat Japan may issue a "recommendation letter", if required, for participants to apply for visas (excluding the matter needed the notarial deed). 
  • Any team must have more than 12 members to participate in the program. In the case of an 'open team', individual volunteers will be confirmed after consultation.

Team leaders and sub-leaders must agree to the following :

  • All team leaders and sub-leaders must attend the team leaders' training.
    ※Habitat Japan conducts the training in Japanese ( English translation is available if required) for the new GV leaders and sub-leaders twice a year in both Tokyo and Osaka. Please contact us if you live too far away to participate in the training. For training details, please contact Habitat Japan office <>.
  • All team leaders must have participated in Habitat's GV program at least once and must be 20 years of age or older and enrolled in sophomore year in university.
    ※If you are a sophomore yet 19 years old, you must select a chaperon (older than 20 years old) to attend the team leaders' training together.
  • To participate in a GV trip, team leaders and sub-leaders must understand and agree to fulfill the role of a team leader or sub-leader as outlined in the training.
  • Team leaders must take charge of their teams’ travel arrangements following the members’ discussion and agreement.