TOKYO (June 7, 2017) — More than 100 staff members of Prologis, a global  industrial real estate company,  volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Japan in a first-time partnership. They were among over 1,600 Prologis employees worldwide who offered their service to nonprofit organizations during the company’s annual IMPACT Day.

On May 19, 103 volunteers from Prologis and Prologis REIT Management K.K. helped out at Seibi Home in Tokyo for children under foster care. The volunteers included Miki Yamada, Prologis Japan’s president, and Gary Anderson, Prologis’ chief executive officer of Europe and Asia.

  Founded in 1960, Seibi Home has seen wear-and-tear over the years. With 90 children under its wings, the foster home needed to be spruced up with the children’s safety and comfort in mind. For Prologis’ global day of service, Habitat Japan had suggested working in Seibi Home which is the largest among the homes that it is supporting. Seibi Home comprises two buildings, one which is the living quarters for the children and the other which houses the staff office, a large kitchen and children’s playroom. Outside the buildings is a big playground with a jungle gym, swings and other equipment .

 When the Prologis volunteers arrived at Seibi Home, the first thing they did was to organize themselves into 15 groups. Then they painted walls and playground equipment, cut the grass around the playground, cleaned windows and cleared the drains. Showing teamwork and dedication, the Prologis volunteers were able to finish nearly all the tasks before the children came back from school. The volunteers ended their day of service with a little treat – sharing snacks and interacting with the children.


Through their contribution and support, Prologis and their staff volunteers have increased the impact of Habitat’s work in Japan and other parts of the world.