Auction Payment & Delivery Procedures

We thank you for joining Homecoming charity auction. You are now a winner bidder. To receive an item, please complete your payment following the instructions below. | チャリティオークションにご参加くださりまことにありがとうございます。あなたが最高落札者です。商品を受け取るには、以下のステップにありますとおり、まずは落札額のお支払いをお願いいたします。

Step 1:  Payment of you bidding amount | 落札額のお支払い
Complete your payment of your bidding amount which you won from the followings. 

Step 2:  Confirmation of your mailing address | 郵送先住所の確認
After Habitat Japan confirms your payment, Habitat Japan will send you the confirmation mail together with your mailing address you registered during your payment process. If mailing address needs to be changed, please inform to Habitat Japan office within 3 days after our confirmation. 

Step 3:  Confirm the receipt of your item | 商品受け取りの確認
You will receive an item within  ten days after receiving the confirmation mail of your address.