Legacy Build 2024 in India with Habitat Sophia
Celebrating Habitat's 20 Years Anniversary and Habitat Sophia's Legacy

Habitat for Humanity is an international nonprofit organization founded in the United States in 1976, operating in over 70 countries worldwide. Habitat works to realize the vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Working towards this vision, Habitat holds the Global Village program, where teams of volunteers travel to developing countries or disaster areas and join hands with families to build homes Through GV, Habitat volunteers work not only to build a house, but to build resilient communities and hope. Through GV, it is possible to build the foundation for success, including better health, better education, and better employment opportunities for those in need. 


Habitat Sophia was founded in 2011 by Takuya Kawamoto and his friends. Takuya went to international school, where Habitat for Humanity was esteemed by his peers as a famous international NPO. Habitat Sophia went on to participate often in GV, as well as in volunteer activities domestically, including relief efforts for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Habitat Sophia continued actively working with Habitat's Japan campus chapter network (JCC), collaborating with 40 other campus chapter around the country to  improve the impact of their volunteering efforts.

Habitat Sophiaは、上智大学国際教養学部に在籍していた川本拓矢君と5人の学友が2011年に立ち上げたハビタットの大学支部「キャンパスチャプター(CC)」です。川本君はインターナショナルスクールでハビタットを知り、大学生になり自身のキャンパスでCCを立ち上げようと決めました。CCを発足して以来、Habitat Sophiaに所属する学生とアジア各国で取り組む家の建築活動に参加してきたほか、国内でも災害支援活動など、さまざまなボランティア活動に取り組み、後輩たちにその活動が受け継がれ、10年もの間、全国に広がる40ものキャンパスチャプターの一つとして活動を継続してきました。

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary suspension of the Global Village Program however, membership with Habitat Sophia shrank in number as upperclassmen graduated, and the chapter currently has no active members. The members of Habitat Sophia did however leave behind a gift for their successors, which we offer you in the form of a special Global Village opportunity: Up to 6 participants from Sophia University may participate in our 20th Anniversary Legacy Build in India with financial support raised by Habitat Sophia.

しかしながら、コロナ禍によるGVの中断により、CCとしての継承が途絶えてしまいました。そこで、Habitat Sophiaの顧問であるスレーター先生と相談した結果、Habitat Sophiaが団体の活動資金として残したファンドを使い、住まいの支援に関心のある学生がインドでの家建築に参加する際に必要となるプログラム参加費(旅費及び滞在費は自己負担になります)を補助し、インドGVにご招待させていただくことになりました。

Legacy Build 2024 in India 詳細

▶Location: Igatpuri,  Maharashtra, India (5 hours out of Mumbai)

▶Project Details:  The village of Igatpuri, located 5 hours out of Dubai, is home to 525 households, most of which work as laborers or farmers. 183 households live under the poverty line, with average incomes ranging from 250-500 rupees (3-6 USD) and with approx. 60 homes in need of immediate support. 185 households lack proper sanitation facilities, and additionally sanitary habits like handwashing need to be improved. As part of this special Legacy Build, attendees from Sophia and other CCs from around the country will be joined by longtime supporters of Habitat for Japan. Through this Legacy Build, participants will join hands with their peers as well as the local community in working to create a safe and decent home for those in need.
プロジェクト詳細:ムンバイから車で5時間、Legacy Buildの支援対象地域イガツトプリは525世帯が暮らす村です。多くが日雇い労働と農業に従事し、183世帯が貧困ライン以下の生活を余儀なくされています。村全体における世帯の平均収入は250~500ルピー(3ドルから6ドル)と限られていることから、同村では、約60世帯がハビタットによる住宅の支援を必要としています。一方、185世帯の暮らしに十分な衛生設備が備わらないほか、村全体で衛生に関する意識改革が必要とされています。Legacy Buildでは、ハビタットのサポーターをはじめ、全国の学生ボランティア、現地のボランティア、そして支援を待つ家族とが手をあわせ、住宅の建築に取り組みます。

▶Spots: Up to 6

① Be a student at Sophia university (Years 1-3)
② A desire to volunteer to improve people's homes and further one's knowledge, and to pass these desires on to the next generation.

②住まいの支援に貢献する意欲を有志、Legacy Buildへの参加を通じて己の知見を深め、次世代につなげる思いを強く持つ


Date Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 - 6  Day 7  Day 8 
2nd March 2024 - Saturday  3rd Mar 2024-Sunday  4th-7th Mar 2024 - Monday to Thursday 8th March 2024- Friday 9th March 2024-Saturday
Activity Travel to Mumbai, India

Travel to Igatpuri by Vehicle

Welcome Orientation

Start the Build End the Build
Community Meet & International Women's day Celebration

In the afternoon,
Travel back to Mumbai
Enjoy Sightseeings
Traveling Back to Japan
Hotel Raddission Blu  Nashik Hotel  Nashik Hotel  Nashik Hotel  -

    ▶Individual costs:
    ①A round trip plane ticket ②Visa fees ③In-country expenses (~10,000 yen. Factors in lodging, transportation, and food costs once in India)

    ①往復航空券代 ②ビザ代 ③現地滞在費(約10万円/宿泊費・移動費・食費など実費を現地にてお支払いいただきます

    ▶Application procedure: Via the form at the bottom of the page


    ▶Application deadline: November 30th, 2023 (Thursday)


    ※The application period will end once six applications have been received
    ※As a general rule cancellations will not be accepted after applying
    ※Please send questions and comments to yp@habitatjp.org

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