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【JPN Relief-73】 Solar Project is up on National Geographic

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20130815-resized.jpgHabitat Japan Solar Home Recovery Project is up on National Geographic global website. National Geographic is circulated worldwide and has the readers from over 180 countries. National Geographic provides articles about geography, science, history, culture and more.

National Geographic
"In Japan, Solar Panels Aid in Tsunami Rebuilding"

In the article, the 1st phase of the Solar Project is featured with a home partner story. This interview-style article not only provides the information how the home generated electricity help home partners and also includes how Habitat Japan proceeded the local assessment, selected the home partners and also the next phase of the Solar Project at some community facilities.

◆Back Number
2013.07.18 Home Partner Story (3)
2013.05.31 Installed first panel in solar power project
2013.05.09 YouthBUILD : Japan Team Volunteered for Disaster Relief
2013.04.09 Miyagi : Completion of A Community Center
2013.03.18 Miyagi : House Repairs in Higashimatsushima
2013.03.08 Rebuilding Homes, Communities and Hope
2013.01.31 Iwate : Building Shed for Fishermen (3)
2013.01.08 Iwate : Housing Consultations Continue
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