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【Sri Lanka-23】 Children Learned How To Wash Their Hands

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Habitat Japan gave a lesson for 4th and 5th grade elementary school students in Sannar after the installation of latrines and wells. The lesson is simply about how to wash their hands but it is very essential for the students who usually eat with their hands and to wash their hands before each meal in order to keep themselves healthy.

Habitat Japan staff used some pictures to tell a story that all the family members could get stomachache if mother does not wash her hands before cooking. Students learned a lesson from a real-life example. (Right: Habitat Japan staff giving a lesson)  

srilanka-north20121218(2).JPGThe students were highly interested in those pictures and paid attention in class. The students answered to a question; why all the family members have stomachache? and energetically said, "because ingredients have been spoiled," "eating raw meat," "not washing hands before eating," and "mother does not wash her hands!" 
After class, the students actually washed their hands with soap. They showed their hands to each other checking if their hands were properly washed.
srilanka-north20121218(3).jpgMathuwandi, who learned how to wash her hands, said with a big smile, "I want to share what I learned today with my family!" (Right: Students using a soap to wash their hands)

Habitat Japan continues to support the people of Sannar to manage installed latrines and wells by themselves and also help them use water with good hygiene.

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