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【Sri Lanka-20】 Hygiene Management Training at Sannar

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srilankanorth2520121017(1).jpgHabitat Japan is currently building latrines at Sannar, Sri Lanka. On October 5, Habitat Japan also conducted the very first hygiene management training for home partners. An invited instructor was the Public Health Inspector(PHI), who is officially in charge of this village. With pictures and case examples, the PHI provided information and precaution of hygiene management so that all locals including the illiterates can understand. (Left:the training)

srilankanorth2520121017(2).jpgAt the training, the home partners learned the advantage of water-boiling and hand-wash with soap, and the importance of toilet-cleaning and its maintenance. "A cook of each family must keep hygiene in the kitchen first," said the PHI and the participants took seriously what the PHI explained. (Right:the training materials)
Approximately 30 home partners joined this training and the majority was female participants including young mothers with babies. At Sannar, women usually assume a household role such as cooking and child care but also the hygiene management. Therefore, it is essential for them to know about household hygiene so that the total sanitation in the community can be improved.
Habitat Japan continues to provide training sessions among the home partners and also will invite their children to take lessons about hygiene.
srilankanorth2520121017(3).jpgMs. Gowry (left): A home partner
"I learned how important to keep clean in the house from the training. There are about 10 stray dogs around my house and as is often the case, they drink water from the house's water tank and my child touches dog litter. I now understand they are very bad for our health so I try to put in practice what I learned from the training. If there is another chance, I want to join the training again."

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