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【Sri Lanka-19】 Doors of Hope: 100 Houses Completed (2)

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Habitat Japan has been building core houses to rehabilitate civil war evacuees in Neerasenai village of Mannar, Northern Sri Lanka since April 2011. The project was expanded to the neighboring Vaddakandal village, and finally in June 2012, 100 houses were completed. Much change were brought to the village and the living conditions of the people; these are some of the stories.
srilankanorth2420121008(10-2).jpgRajeswary from Neeracenai village lost her husband in the war and had been living with her physically challenged father in an emergency shelter. After she built a house with Habitat, her daughter who were also evacuated to the Southern India came back to live with her. On the other hand, Auliyapichai from Vaddakandal moved into a Habitat house from emergency shelter. The family made kitchen and storage reusing the materials from the emergency shelter, making the new house even better for the family. Old Rahubatcha also from Vaddakandal was struggling with the headache and fatigue from extreme heat in the inadequate house. The new house provides safety and sanitation, but also saving them money while they are now so healthy they don't have to go to hospital as often. Also, the government recognized the communities where people are starting decent lives and they run the power lines.
These are only a few examples of transformations happening and we expect more are coming. Habitat Sri Lanka will continue monitoring and supporting these families from here on.   
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