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【JPN Relief-51】 Iwate : Building a Storage for Shopping Street

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20120731GS_2.jpgHabitat Japan has provided storage cabinets to secure necessary living spares for the residents at a temporary shelter complex in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture. Hearing about it, eight shop owners at Chinomori Hakkengai Shopping Street requested Habitat Japan to help them as well. Eight shops just reopened in temporary prefab structures along this street with the financial aid from the government.
21 volunteers from Goldman Sachs joined building storage work on July 14. Goldman Sachs has been one of the major supports of Habitat for Humanity across the world and also made an immediate response to support the 'Rebuilding Japan' program. The volunteers took part in this project as part of the company's Community TeamWorks (CTW) initiative.
With the technical support from local carpenters, the building went on smoothly. Pillaring on the foundation, walls placed, the volunteers screwed pillars and walls by screw drivers. After the local carpenters installing the roof, the 2.5m long, 3.6m wide and 2.5m high storage was completed. In addition to the storage, volunteers made 14 benches. Following the design on the blue print, volunteers assembled materials and varnished to finish. Those benches are now in use by visitors, making the Shopping Street a new gathering spot of the community.
20120731GS_1.jpgBefore finishing the day's work, volunteers left their messages on a wall of storage. At the dedication ceremony, one of the team leaders, Mr. Hung Ke Lee presented the storage key to a local representative, Mr. Kotaro Tanichi. Mr. Tanichi said, "Thank you very much for making this nice storage. We will make sure to use it with great care." It was a clear sign that the storage will be helping those working to recovery of the local economy.
On the other hand, looking up the storage the team built, Mr. Lee said, "When we have life outside of the disaster area like Tokyo, every day is just nothing but ordinary. But I realized when I encountered the people here that they work so hard for such ordinary days since the disaster. Now I feel very grateful if we could support them even in a small way. "
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