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【JPN_Relief】 Join Habitat Japan Tohoku Volunteer! (May 2013)

tohoku_youthbuild2013_770-resized.jpgHabitat Japan continues the Rebuliding Japan Program alongside local residents and volunteers to support affected people in Tohoku.
In order to meet the wide range of needs at affected areas, we are again recruiting volunteers.
Come and join us today!  
◆ Volunteer in Tohoku ◆

A. Iwate Pref. : Ofunato city, etc

Cleaning and rehabilitating private houses, public community buildings, constructing cabinets, supporting communication events, posting, any volunteer activities related with community rehabilitation, etc.
※Activities might be changed or canceled depending on the weather and the local needs.
A. Iwate Pref. in May : 24th(Fri) - 26th(Sun)

Participation Fee:
1,500 yen per person per date (If 3 days participation, total is 4,500 yen per person)


◆ Participation Requirements ◆

Construction Skills/Experience While there is no need for previous experience, all participants must be physically and emotionally ready for the work.

Age All participants must be 16 or older. Minors must agree to the policies on Minor Participation, and be accompanied by an adult. Anyone who is not yet 16 but will be within the current calendar year and/or school year may also participate, as long as they follow the specified guidelines.
※Please note that some work has an age limit.

Status All participants must be current residents of Japan.

Language All participants must be able to communicate in Japanese well enough to take part in the volunteer activities. Non-Japanese speakers may also join if they are accompanied by someone who can translate for them.

Agreement to the following;

● To strictly follow the instructions of Habitat Japan staff during his/her participation. The period of participation is defined as the time between meeting Habitat Japan staff at the pre-arranged location and dismissal after the volunteer activitiy is complete; days off are not included.

● To refrain from the following activities. (Anyone seen doing any of these things will be asked to cease participation immediately and leave the site at their own expense.)
Operation of vehicles:
No volunteer is to operate any vehicle during the program without the written authorization of Habitat Japan.
Inappropriate behaviour:
No volunteer is to commit any act of violence, sexual harassment, unwelcome approach to the others (such as invitation and/or persuasion), or any other action that causes trouble or discomfort to others.

● To respect and accept Habitat's vision of "A world where everyone has a decent place to live".

● To be flexible to the changing needs on site, and appreciate that the work required on the day may not always meet individual expectations.

● To use initiative in order to complete tasks, where necessary and appropriate.

● To respect the fact that this is a not-for-profit humanitarian program, and not to use it as part of any kind of commercial tour or activity.

● To agree and sign the "Release and Waiver of Liability Form" applicable;
For participants over 20years oldFor participants under 20years old

◆ Application ◆
Please make sure to understand above requirements and agreements before you apply, thank you.

Apply to Volunteer in Iwate [May]

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