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【Sri Lanka-12】 Homeowner Story (1)

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Seventy of the Habitat houses were completed two month ago in Vaddakandal village, Northern Sri Lanka. The homeowners here are full of positivity for the future, and are taking their first steps to improve their lives and realize their dreams.
Not so long ago, Samila was living in an emergency shelter where she also operated a small shop. However, heavy rain and strong winds quickly deteriorated the structure, often ruining her stock in the process. Receiving support from Habitat Japan, Samila decided to improve her shop as well. Using cement blocks and metal sheeting, she was able to add the shop to the front of her new house.


Samila says, "When I was running the shop from our shelter, where we didn't even have enough space for our family of four, it was very difficult. This time I was able to build my own home, with my own sweat equity. I love it all the more. Using the porch of the house I built a small shop extension, using cement blocks and metal sheeting.It did not affect the space for family, but also I am able to put more goods to sell. With local residents coming to check this new shop and then buy from it, the project has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams".


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