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【Sri Lanka-10】DOORS OF HOPE: 100 Houses in Sri Lanka

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jpflogo_20110516.jpgHabitat Japan has been building core houses in Northern Sri Lanka, and in Mid-August, it was decided that we are continuing with additional 70 houses. Continually, the next phase is also funded by Japan Platform and implemented in partnership with HFH Sri Lanka.
orientation_20110805.jpgThe new project site is called Vaddakandal of Manthai West and it is located 25km away from the Mannar town central. The majority of the community with our work site is of Muslim faith. Mannar's history shows the minor Muslim has been discriminated, and in Vaddakandal, the returnee has not been receiving the same support that they need to rehabilitate.

Since July, we have selected 36 families after extensive research on returnees' living conditions and briefing on the project, house design, and construction shecule (image on the left). Currently, the first 10 families are at work building foundation for their new homes through Sweat Equity.
Many of the project's beneficiary have evacuated to neighboring regeons as the civil war worsened in 1990, and have been living in the government-run evacuation centers and refugee camps ever since. As the war ended in may 2010, they have returned to their hometowns only to find their villages completely destroyed. Many returnees housed themselves with makeshift shelters made of palm leaves and tin sheets, but they don't offer enough space, nor plumbing, sanitation, or privacy. Typically, they work as day-workers, stone mason, driver and farmer to make 3,000 to 10,000 rupees (4,000 rupee average, approximately 2,800 yen).

Habitat Japan is planning to complete 100 houses including 17 in Neelasenai, aiming to help these returnees find doors of hope of their own.  
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