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【JPN Relief-12】 First Volunteer Team Finished Its Work (Report 6)

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Volunteerteam_20110503 (2).jpgOn May 3rd, today was the last day in Ofunato city for a team. The team spent their morning back at Mr. Fumimaro Honma's house (Fumimaro is 64 years old). They had very nearly done all he had asked them to do for him. He told them the next stage was that he would bring a carpenter in to see what wood could be salvaged and hopefully building work could begin. It was so rewarding to see a job nearing completion. Their afternoon was spent clearing the floors of another two buildings.
Volunteerteam_20110503(1).jpgEach day they had been working alongside volunteers from All Hands - this was the first time that they had met so many volunteers from overseas, and it had been wonderful and interesting to talk to all of them, and so great to see that everyone had come together to rebuild Japan. At the same time, members also felt the necessity of assistance from a long term of view in their activities.
First Volunteer team had done its activities with victims for five days. Some members felt powerless in front of a horrible spectacle. However, they realized that it was necessary to do things one by one to rebuild local community by communicating with victims.
After this volunteer, each member said, "I am so glad that I have come to Ofunato and been able to help a little." "I now feel that I have a tie to Ofunato and the home-owners I have worked alongside." "I can now go and tell other Japanese students what I have seen and explain the sad situation left behind by the tsunami." "I think the message that I will pass on is that the situation is not helpless and we can do something for the people affected." "I hope I can encourage many other students to come here and volunteer." Members gave their impressions by staring fixedly at next assistance.

There had been an aftershock at least one every day since 11 March in Ofunato city. Each aftershock must just act as yet another reminder of that awful day in Ofunato for the people affected. Habitat will proceed towards reconstruction withe people who keeps stepping foward even in this situation.
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