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【JPN Relief-3】 Campus Chapters Fundraise for Rebuilding Japan

Donate to Help Japan Rebuild!

Kyogai_20110317.jpgAs early as six days after the Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake struck Northern Japan with M9.0 force, Habitat Japan's Campus Chapters started to raise funds for the victims.

The first one was Kyoto Gaidai Habitat (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies), which has been Habitat's supporter since 1997. On March 17th, the students scattered around Kyoto city raising 255,627 yen (approximately $2500) in one day.

Then on 19th, members of Uegahara Habitat (Kwansei Gakuin University) stood at Nishinomiya and Sannomiya stations in their local Hyogo. Total of 594 people came by and contributed 288,067 yen (approx. $3000).

In Tokyo area, the student groups had to wait on their actions due to scheduled blackouts and accidents at Fukushima power plant. Yet on 28th, Same Same but TOKAI (Tokai University) started a four-day fundraiser at Machida station, followed with another one by WHABITAT (Waseda University) at Kichijoji station.

While the main purpose of Campus Chapters is to contribute in elimination of poverty housing around the world, it was a natural reaction for the students to want to take actions in their oun country. Believing that their role is supporting Habitat Japan on its disaster recovery efforts, the students continue to take places in city corners engaging people and raising funds today. Your support for these young souls is much appreciated.
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