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Habitat Premium Night with Oakwood (8/19)

August 19th, "Habitat Premium Night" was held at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown. Over 60 people from 50 different companies and organizations, including Habitat supporters, had joined the event.

【Images Left & Center】The participants are enjoying one another's company
【Right】Habitat's house-shaped bank welcomes guests at the front lobby
Celebrating its 50th anniversary of foundation, this event was hosted by Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown, a company that provides apartment services in about 30 countries, as part of its social action program. Sharing the industry of housing, the company wishes to take part in Habitat's cause; they hosted a party at one of its residential building in Tokyo to start off the partnership.

At the event, the participants enjoyed the movies and slideshows from Habitat around the world, and Habitat trivia quiz for raffle prizes provided by both Habitat and Oakwood.
Some of the guests told us "Drinking wine at such a luxurious lounge but still for a good cause, I love it!", "All the guests are very experienced people from many different industries. I can't believe it's organized by an NGO, but sure a great change for me to network," and "I joined the party without knowing anything about Habitat, but I actually learnt a lot from the photos and games." It seemed that everyone got to enjoy the night off from the Tokyo's heat, with a little bit of learning about Habitat and its work.

The event raised the total of 166,000 yen (US$2,000) and the whole amount is donated to be used toward the next spring's house building program in Thailand. Habitat for Humanity Japan wishes to express gratitude for Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown and all participants for this event for their kind contributions.

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