There are 1 billion people in the world
living in substandard housing conditions such as slums

Ms. Teng (shown in the photo) living in Cambodia hopes, like any other parent in any country, that her children will receive enough education to find a job so they will one day achieve self-reliance. However, she has financial difficulties that sometimes prevent her from getting in a few hours of sending her children to school or managing to raise money to do so, and to make matters worse, her house is so fragile that children cannot find a safe space to study. She cannot sleep well worrying that her house might get flooded or damaged by the strong wind in the time of monsoons.

How Habitat for Humanity Responses

Habitat, in the belief that a safe and decent house is the foundation to build a bright future, addresses housing issues that families face all over the world. We support families in more than 70 countries through building and renovating houses, building toilets and water facilities, supporting families earn a livelihood once they own a decent home, and many other ways.

Our work in Japan
In Japan, the issues of indecent housing are hard to see but are happening in our own backyard, with the society facing aging population and declining birthrate.

There are people who need help from others to realize an adequate living environment at their current homes. Living in a deteriorated and unhygienic living environment, one can experience stress and unhealthy mental conditions. There are also risks in the daily lives at indecent living environment – such as a home with clutters on the floor – people easily slip on them and fall down. In the happening of natural disasters, it may prevent the way to escape and once it is fired, it is easily to spread out. Habitat Japan works to improve the lives at homes of those who have difficulties to maintain their home environment on their own through working with local governments and public offices of health services and providing cleaning and repair services with support from volunteers.

Our work overseas
Habitat Japan contributes to the implementation of housing programs in many countries through raising funds and sending volunteers. In the last fiscal year, more than 1,400 volunteers traveled to overseas countries to support about 220 families. In Cambodia, with your generous donation of JPY 500,000, we can build a house for one family and construct toilet facilities for three families.

Support from you is essential for realization of adequate housing for vulnerable families
Building a foundation for stable lives not only impacts the family you support but also the generations that come after

If you wish to support our work continuously, you can become a monthly supporter by clicking “Monthly donation”. With your continuous support, we can continuously work for families in need of safe and decent homes. Your kind donation also helps us to initiate our efforts promptly in the occurrence of natural disasters in Japan and overseas. Join us our mission to realize a world where everyone has a decent place to live. A decent home is essential for healthy living and for a bright future. You can choose the amount of monthly donation you prefer.

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