Register for Home Run 2021 

Virtual Run - Monday, April 12 through Sunday, April 18
In-Person Run - Imperial Palace on April 18, 2021 from 12:30

Event Fee
¥5,000 for Adults
¥1,000 for Students

 We thank you for participating in Habitat Japan’s Home Run 2021. Please register by filling out the following form, after which you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. You will receive a confirmation email after the payment is completed.

By registering for Home Run 2021, participants agree to the following event policies.

*Registration for the In-Person Run has closed. To join, please sign up to be our virtual runners.


REGISTRATION for Imeperial Palace run has been CLOSED


Event Policies

I understand that by registering for this event, Habitat for Humanity Japan will not liable for any injuries incurred as a result of my participation. All participants will:

  1. agree that the event is for charity; be in good health; observe all traffic, public behavior, and park facilities rules; as well as any other relevant laws and regulations.
    2. observe all Covid-19 prevention measures at all times during the event, including:
      - maintaining at least a 1-meter distance from others 
      - wearing a mask or observing proper coughing etiquette
      - sanitizing hands upon registration
    3. agree that the entry fee will not be refunded due to personal reasons or event cancellation due to weather, natural disasters, or by request of the government.
    4. agree that copyright, portrait rights, and publication rights of any images, film, photographs, articles, and posts made on the Habitat Club page within the STRAVA website as well as the usage rights for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, belong to Habitat Japan.
    5. agree that Habitat Japan will abide by all laws concerning the protection of personal data and adhere to Habitat Japan’s privacy protocol when handling personal data.
    6. refrain from participating in the In-Person run on April 18, 2021, if they have come in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or suspected to be positive for COVID-19 within two weeks prior to the event.