Habitat for Humanity Japan
 Volunteer Session with British School in Tokyo
on 16 April 2023

Thank you for joining Habitat for Humanity Japan volunteer on 16 April 2023.  Here are the details of our volunteer session and also your personal info signing up for your volunteer insurance.

Habitat is currently implementing volunteer activities while taking COVID-19 prevention measures. Please kindly note that you are required to read and agree to our volunteer guidelines(click)and waiver and written oath(click) before signing up. We ask you to sign the waiver and written oath on-site.

 In addition, Habitat Japan is implementing a safeguarding effort to ensure the safety of all participants in our activities.  You can also read "Introduction to Safeguarding" at the following link.

Please send the waiver and written oath by 6 April to Mr. James Swell. All the documents will be prepared by using your digital signature or you can scan the hard copy to make a PDF. 


Details of Volunteer Session
Work Site: 
Kodomo no Sono orphanage (https://www.kodomonosono.or.jp/)
2552 Tsutsumi, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0006
*Google Map

Activity details:
Weeding the hill behind the orphanage

Volunteer Insurance:
Habitat asks all volunteers to apply for insurance. The following application will be used as information for the insurance. No cost to volunteers. For more information about the insurance, please see here.
Please take out the necessary insurance at your own discretion for the areas not covered by this insurance.

Please wear a mask and comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (long sleeves, long pants, sneakers, cap, etc.) Please wear "socks"  as you are requested to take off your "outdoor" shoes.

Items to bring:

  • Towels
  • Clothes for change 
  • Water/snacks (To prevent infectious diseases, we will not have a lunch break. Please bring snacks as appropriate.)
  • A small carrying bag to keep your valuables with you during the activity
  • Health declaration form; please print it and fill it in and bring it with you or you can fill it in on-site.



Meeting at the Entrance of Kodomo no Sono 

Walk to the hill behind the orphanage


Temperature check and health declaration submission

Onsite orientation


Start volunteer activities


Break (no lunch due to COVID prevention measures)


Resume the activities


Stop all the work and cleaning ups


Closing session & Group photo


Depart the Orphanage

Volunteer Insurance Information Application 

If you are joining our volunteer session, please fill out the form below and provide the necessary information. Please note that this information will only be used for insurance and emergency purposes.


【Please sign up here】





郵便番号/Zip code


アレルギーや持病等/Allegies etc

緊急連絡先氏名/Emergency Contact


緊急連絡先電話番号/Emergency Contact No.