※ボランテイア受付は終了しました / Volunteer recruitment has been closed.
Join Project HomeWorks : Habitat Volunteer in Tokyo

(English follows Japanese below)

ハビタット・ジャパンでは、東京都内で住環境の改善に向けた国内居住支援プログラム「プロジェクトホームワークス(PHW: Project HomeWorks)」を展開しています。



9月28日(土)の活動に、ボランティアを募集しています。1から2軒のお宅で活動を予定しています。当日は3から6 名のチームに別れ、それぞれのお宅を訪問し、片付けをお手伝いすることで住まいの環境改善を行います。ご家族やご友人とぜひ、ご参加ください。


日程:2019年9月28日(土) 10時集合

参加費:¥1,000 (ハビタット・ジャパンのキャンパスチャプターに所属する現メンバーは除く)

10:00  活動場所近隣の駅に集合(新宿、練馬エリアを予定)
10:30 活動開始 
12:30 活動終了
13:00 解散




汚れてもいい 動きやすい服装(長袖、長ズボン、スニーカー、靴下をご着用ください)

・あれば軍手、マスク (ハビタットでは予備を準備します)


Habitat Japan Project HomeWorks

Project HomeWorks is a program in Tokyo to support senior citizens, persons with a disability, low-income families/individuals, and other vulnerable people to improve their living conditions with volunteers. Many elderly and persons with disability face difficulties in keeping their home environment tidy and sanitary due to their physical limitations. Please join our work on the open volunteer day on September  28th, 2019!!


[Participation condition]
Anyone aged above 15 years old who have graduated from junior high school can join. For minors under 18 years old to participate in volunteer activities, chaperons are required to be present at all time at the worksite.

[Participation Fee]
¥1,000 per volunteer except current campus chapter members
(including your insurance, equipment & supplies and donation to this project)

[Schedule (TBD)]
10:00am Meet at a station near work sites (Most likely be Shinjuku or Nerima area)
10:30am Volunteer start
12:30pm Stop the work
13:00pm End of volunteer

*Recently Habitat is receiving many cleaning requests not only from Shinjuku ward but also from Taito ward. We will consult with home partners when to visit and will inform you where to work around a week prior to the actual volunteering date.

Cleanups for those in need of healthier housing environment

[Volunteer Insurance]
Since Habitat Japan has subscribed to volunteer insurance, everyone who participates in the activity is covered by this insurance. This fee is included in your participation fee. In order to cover with insurance, please be sure to enter your name, address, contact address, in the application form below.

Casual clothing you don’t mind getting dirty, and sturdy (long sleeves and pants recommended), closed-toed footwear with socks on.
(Please change your clothes before coming to the place to meet)

[Items to bring] 
- Face towel
- Masks
- Work Gloves
- Clothes to change after volunteer (strongly recommended)
- Water (You may need at least one 500ml bottle of water)
- a Small carry-on bags or a jacket with pockets to keep your valuables with you. Please leave unnecessary valuables at home.
- Signed Waiver Form. Please download waiver form hereFor minors, your parent or guardian's signature on your waiver is required to join.


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※ボランテイア受付は終了しました / Volunteer recruitment has been closed.